Guide to Kumrat Valley in Pakistan


One of the Best Tourists Spots in Pakistan is the KUMRAT VALLEY and here is complete guide to Kumrat Valley.

  • Location:        District Upper Dir of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
  • Height:            8100 Feet above Sea Level
  • Distance         (from Islamabad): 371 KM via Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway/AH1/M-1.

People cross Chakdara –> Timergara –> Dir Lower –> Sheringal and –> straight to Kumrat Valley.

Visit Link in Google Maps: Islamabad To Kumrat Valley



  • June /July       31° / 15°
  • September       27° / 12°
  • October           21° / 6°
  • November        13° / 0°
  • December        7° / -3°

Mists overwhelm the skies in the valley of Kumrat most season. The spot encounters weighty precipitation during the time of Moonsoon. Additionally, it can get incredibly crisp and frigid during winters. More or less, the climate in Kumrat Valley stays lovely nearly over time, which makes it one of the most outstanding spots to visit in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The best chance to visit Kumrat valley for summer get-aways is in May, June, July, August, and September, when the temperature goes from 5.6 degrees Celsius (42.1 degrees Fahrenheit) to 16.2 degrees Celsius (61.2 degrees Fahrenheit).


It is a mysterious place that is known for cascades, rich green fields, freshwater springs, titanic mountains, quick streaming spouting waterways and serene lakes. The land is overwhelmed by the vegetation of Deodar Trees. The spot looks a part of the most ideal getaway destinations in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Attributable to its monstrous regular magnificence, Kumrat is much of the time named ‘PARADISE ON EARTH’ by numerous who visit. Setting up camp, huge fire, drifting, journeying, climbing; this spot offers all that an experience searcher searches for while voyaging.

Road Conditions:

The Valley is accessible through Dir as well as Badogai pass from Kalam in Smack. Street up to Shringal is mettled yet becomes non-existent after that. Despite the fact that individuals take their vehicles however I would firmly exhort against it. Take a 4×4 jeep at rent on the way at Thal. After a rough ride from Thall you arrive at the delightful valley of Kumrat. Take food things from Thall.

Road to Kumrat Valley
Road to Kumrat Valley

Carry With You:

There are a couple of fundamental lodgings and costs can arrive at out of this world on summer season. You need to pay local people regardless of whether you have a tent with you. They call it IJARA or lease for the land. There is a cascade close by and somewhere else called KALA CHASHMA. This spot is being annihilated by expanding inns and soon it will lose its normal magnificence on the off chance that this continues unrestrained.

Stay Venues at the Valley:

There are a few basic hotels and prices can reach sky high on summer season. You have to pay the locals even if you have a tent with you. Contacts from Travel Agencies are available if low cost trip is a favorable option.

Usually tourists stay at the inside of Valley after parking their Cars at the Terminals. Take a Jeep and arrive at the Wood Cottages (Though You can rent for highly paid ones), stay at night and start your journey very next day towards exploring the beautiful nature.  Probably , you won’t able to find any well maintained Restaurants to stay in, yet no problem , experience conveys all delights with bit exertion.

Further Attractions In the Valley:

After a good sleep at night, Take your breakfast, get refreshed and move forward. From Kumrat you can visit Jahaz Banda and Kund Banda and furthermore visit Badogai pass in a rough terrain driver. From Badogai you can go towards Ushu and Kalam. This road is exceptionally steep and uneven and you should be a talented driver in going mud romping of you wish to go on it.

people exploring Kumrat Valley
people exploring Kumrat Valley

Hardship Level:

(Intermediate) Adventure is not the bed of roses. The good news is that you don’t  have to keep on hiking long routes long ways to reach at the destination, rather by grabing a 4 Wheelers can buy you enough spots to complete the desired journey.

Best for Families and Children:

It is family friendly place by nature. Yet it is has bumpy roads made with mountain stones and sometimes slippery too. Avoid carrying small kids may be the best option to grasp it fully.

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